quarta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2012

Um longo bocejo...

Hoje no Paquistão os taliban (os «estudantes de teologia»)  ceifaram 17 vidas com um carro armadilhado. Um longo bocejo acompanha a notícia, que nos jornais, TV e Rádio quase nem merece atenção. «É a cultura deles e nós temos que respeitar».
Agora imagine-se que tinham sido uns estudantes de teologia ali da universidade católica, por exemplo! Era chato, não era? É este relativismo cultural que boceja ante os horripilantes números da Guerra Santa Islâmica, a famosa Jihad.
Quando é em Nova Iorque, Madrid ou Londres há algum alarme, mas acima de tudo muito medo de se ser o próximo. Já quando é lá longe, no Paquistão, Indonésia, Israel, é apenas um longo bocejo.
O site http://thereligionofpeace.com/ apresenta aí a lista de ataques terroristas islâmicos deste mês, e ainda vamos a 19...
Tem também a contabilidade anual de vários anos. Esta Guerra Santa mata mais num ano que a Inquisção Espanhola em 350! Gaita!

Não me insultem. Em vez disso estudem e comprovem os factos!

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2012.12.19 Pakistan Charsadda 2 1 Islamic militants shoot two polio vaccine workers to death.
2012.12.18 Pakistan Landhi 1 0 A Shia doctor is murdered in his own clinic by Sunni gumen.
2012.12.18 Pakistan Karachi 3 5 Three female humanitarian workers are shot to death by the Taliban.
2012.12.17 Iraq Tikrit 5 5 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills five Iraqis.
2012.12.17 Iraq Khaznah 7 12 A community of Shabak religious minorities is the target of a Sunni car bomb that leaves seven dead, mostly women and children.
2012.12.17 Pakistan Jamrud 19 74 Five boys and two women are among nineteen civilians dismantled by Religion of Peace bombers at a bus stop.
2012.12.17 Iraq Baghdad 11 40 Islamic Army of Iraq bombers slaughter eleven people at a car dealership.
2012.12.17 Thailand Narathiwat 2 5 Two people die from gunshot injuries after Muslims open fire on a group of Buddhist professionals.
2012.12.16 Iraq Qara-Tabba 3 0 A woman and child are among three Iraqis exterminated in their home by Mujahideen.
2012.12.16 Iraq Kirkuk 9 55 Determined Sunni bombers set a series of bombs outside two Shia mosques that leave nine worshippers dead, including two children.
2012.12.16 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 26-year-old Buddhist woman is murdered by Muslim 'separatist' gunmen.
2012.12.15 Pakistan Peshawar 5 45 Islamic militants fire rockets into an airport, killing at least five civilians.
2012.12.15 Pakistan Makan Bagh 1 0 A 16-year-old girl dies in a hospital from an earlier Taliban blast targeting schoolgirls.
2012.12.14 Somalia Mogadishu 3 3 Three people are left dead after an al-Shabaab car bomb.
2012.12.14 Iraq Samarrah 2 20 Sunni bombers kill two Shia pilgrims in an attack on their bus.
2012.12.13 Pakistan Mastung 1 0 A Hindu doctor is murdered by an Islamic fanatic.
2012.12.13 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 15 Two civilians and a US soldier are blown up by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2012.12.13 Syria Qatana 24 30 Women and children are among two dozen innocents slaughtered by a Sunni 'rebel' car bomb attack on a residential neighborhood.
2012.12.13 Pakistan Quetta 2 0 Lashkar-e-Jhangvi gunmen take out two sectarian rivals at a tailor shop.
2012.12.12 Iraq Fallujah 4 0 Four Iraqi policemen are machine-gunned at a checkpoint by Islamist 'insurgents'.
2012.12.12 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 The custodian of a Shiite mosque and his nephew are mowed down by a Sunni drive-by.
2012.12.12 Syria Damascus 9 50 Two Fedayeen suicide car bombers rack up nine kills.
2012.12.12 Iraq Tikrit 2 1 Muslim terrorists kill two university students with an IED.
2012.12.12 India Macherla 1 0 A Hindu man is hacked to death for eloping with a Muslim woman against the will of religious leaders.
2012.12.12 Pakistan Karachi 2 8 Tehreek-e-Taliban bombers take out two locals.
2012.12.12 Pakistan Gilgit 3 7 Three students are killed during a clash between Sunni and Shia.
2012.12.11 Yemen Mukalla 1 0 An official is assassinated by al-Qaeda on his way to work.
2012.12.11 Pakistan Hasan Owlia 1 0 A Hindu is shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2012.12.11 Nigeria Dalwa 2 0 A man and his son are shot to death in front of other family members in their home by Islamic extremists.
2012.12.11 Pakistan Karachi 1 1 Wahhabi terrorists gun down a 23-year-old Shiite shopkeeper.
2012.12.11 Thailand Narathiwat 4 4 A baby and woman are among four shot to death in a tea shop by Islamic terrorists.
2012.12.11 Thailand Pattani 2 0 A school director and teacher are murdered in the cafeteria by Islamic 'insurgents'.
2012.12.10 Afghanistan Nimroz 1 0 A local police chief is blown up by the Taliban.
2012.12.10 Afghanistan Laghman 1 0 The acting head of women's affairs is brutally shot to death by fundamentalists on her way to work.
2012.12.10 Pakistan Kaki 6 8 At least six innocents are killed when Shahid suicide bombers assault a police station near a mosque.
2012.12.10 Tunisia Bou Chebka 1 0 Suspected Salafis pick off a border guard.
2012.12.10 Iraq Yathrib 3 2 Three Iraqis are machine-gunned by Muslim terrorists.
2012.12.10 Pakistan Gulbahar 1 0 A Shia police officer is gunned down by Sunni terrorists.
2012.12.09 Nigeria Potiskum 1 0 At least one local is killed during a Boko Haram attack.
2012.12.09 Pakistan Shaikh Yousuf Chowk 5 3 Islamic militants are thought responsible for opening fire on a group of vegetable traders on their way to market.
2012.12.09 Pakistan Bara 1 1 A sapper is killed trying to defuse a bomb planted by Muslim extremists.
2012.12.09 Pakistan Miramshah 2 0 Two local soldiers are kidnapped by the Taliban and executed.
2012.12.09 Iraq Iskandariyah 3 3 An 8-year-old is among three family members slain in their home by al-Qaeda bombers.
2012.12.09 Lebanon Tripoli 4 40 Sniper and rocket fire between Sunni and Shia residents leaves four dead.
2012.12.09 Afghanistan Ghorak 2 2 Religious extremists kill two civilians with a roadside bomb.
2012.12.08 Kenya Nairobi 5 13 Islamists throw a grenade into a crowd of moderates leaving a mosque, killing at least five.
2012.12.08 Pakistan Datta Khel 1 3 A tribesman cutting wood with family is killed during a mortar strike by militant Muslims.
2012.12.08 Yemen Maarib 17 0 Seventeen local security personnel are killed in an al-Qaeda ambush while guarding a pipeline.
2012.12.07 Pakistan Pishin 1 3 A Sunni drive-by attack leaves at least one Shia dead.
2012.12.07 Pakistan Much 1 0 Wahhabi terrorists storm a market and open fire on a Shia trader.
2012.12.07 India Kolkata 1 0 A young woman is pulled out onto the street and beheaded by her brother for immorality.
2012.12.06 Nigeria Yankaba 2 0 Two Christian teenagers are executed by gunmen on a motorcycle yelling, 'Allah akbar'.
2012.12.06 Nigeria Gamboru 6 0 Six people are executed in cold blood by Islamists after being unable to recite from the Quran.
2012.12.06 Lebanon Tripoli 11 20 A 13-year-old boy is among eleven civilians taken out by sectarian snipers.
2012.12.06 Iraq Jisr Diyala 5 0 Five policemen are shot in their sleep by Islamic Army of Iraq terrorists.
2012.12.06 Egypt Cairo 2 0 Two unarmed protesters are surrounded, beaten and stabbed to death by Muslim Brotherhood.
2012.12.05 Somalia Leego 3 0 al-Shabaab Islamists attack and kill three cattle herders.
2012.12.05 Pakistan Wana 3 9 Two Fedayeen suicide car bombers take out three Pakistanis.
2012.12.05 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A prayer leader is shot to death inside a seminary by sectarian rivals.
2012.12.05 Pakistan Khudadad 1 0 A Shia activist is slain by loyal Sunnis outside a car showroom.
2012.12.05 Iraq Fallujah 2 1 Muslim 'insurgents' take down two civilians with a roadside bomb.
2012.12.05 Russia Nalchik 1 0 A television journalist is murdered by suspected Muslim extremists.
2012.12.04 Lebanon Tripoli 2 14 Two people are killed when Sunni and Shia shoot at each other.
2012.12.04 Pakistan Swat 1 7 A woman is killed in a Taliban blast thought to have targeted a schoolgirl.
2012.12.04 Pakistan Larkana 2 0 A Shiite cleric and his 4-year-old daughter are shot to death by Wahhabi terrorists.
2012.12.04 Pakistan Bannu 0 6 A Shahid suicide bomber slams his car into a checkpoint.
2012.12.04 Thailand Narathiwat 0 1 A Buddhist teacher is shot and badly wounded by militant Muslims.
2012.12.04 Iraq Zayouna 6 0 al-Qaeda gunmen force their way into a home and shoot four children to death along with their mother and father.
2012.12.04 Egypt Giza 1 0 A 20-year-old woman's throat is slashed by her brother over adultery.
2012.12.04 Pakistan Quetta 2 0 A targeted attack on two Shia brothers leaves both dead.
2012.12.04 Somalia Galgala 12 9 A dozen local soldiers are killed in the Puntland region by an al-Shabaab roadside bomb.
2012.12.04 Nigeria Kano 2 2 Two people are left dead following a violent rampage by Boko Haram Islamists.
2012.12.03 Thailand Narathiwat 1 0 A 32-year-old female teacher is shot four times by Muslim 'separatists' while on her way to school.
2012.12.03 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 59-year-old female Buddhist plantation worker is stabbed to death by suspected 'insurgents'.
2012.12.03 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A senior cleric is brought down in a hail of bullets from Religion of Peace rivals.
2012.12.03 Pakistan Peshawar 2 2 Islamic militants kill two local cops with a roadside bomb.
2012.12.03 Pakistan Qalagey 3 1 Suspected fundamentalists murder three family members and torch two schools.
2012.12.03 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim 'separatists' execute a 45-year-old man.
2012.12.03 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A 72-year-old female Christian charity worker is shot in the neck by suspected Islamists.
2012.12.03 Afghanistan Trin Kot 5 8 Two women are among five people torn to shreds by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2012.12.02 Syria Homs 15 24 Islamists are suspected of car bombing a Shia mosque, killing at least fifteen.
2012.12.02 Afghanistan Jalalabad 5 18 Two medical students are among five Afghans killed during a Fedayeen suicide attack on a base.
2012.12.02 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 2 35 A second bombing on a Shia religious procession in as many days leaves at least two dead.
2012.12.02 Iraq Samarrah 3 0 A man and his two sons are murdered in their home by al-Qaeda gunmen.
2012.12.02 Nigeria Maiduguri 3 0 Two teachers are among three civilians shot to death by Boko Haram.
2012.12.02 Pakistan Lahore 1 0 A young man dies after being tortured over allegations that he burned a Quran.
2012.12.02 Nigeria Chibok 10 0 Religion of Peace proponents invade a Christian village in the middle of the night and massacre ten residents.
2012.12.02 Afghanistan Kapisa 1 0 A 16-year-old girl is murdered by fundamentalists for ignoring orders to stop working on a polio campaign.
2012.12.02 Iraq Nineveh 3 0 Three professionals including a doctor are assassinated by gunmen as they leave their homes.
2012.12.01 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 7 30 Three children in a Shia religious procession are disassembled by Sunni bombers along with four others.
2012.12.01 Pakistan Orangi 1 0 A 40-year-old Shiite is murdered on the street by Sunni terrorists.
2012.12.01 Somalia Kismayo 1 5 Islamic militia is suspected of killing a civilian with a grenade.
2012.12.01 Afghanistan Dehrawud 3 0 Two children are among three people blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2012.12.01 Nigeria Gamboru Ngala 2 0 Two guards die when Muslims shouting 'Allah Akbar' burn churches.
2012.12.01 India Kuri Rawana 1 0 A 22-year-old Muslim woman is beaten to death for loving a Hindu man.
2012.11.30 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 A 12-year-old girl and her father are murdered by Sipah-e-Sahaba gunmen.
2012.11.30 Thailand Pattani 1 5 Islamic 'separatists' kill a local soldier with a bomb.
2012.11.30 Iraq Alexandria 4 0 Terrorists kill four Iraqis with a roadside bomb.
2012.11.30 Pakistan Chamarkand 3 6 Two brothers are among three civilians who lose their lives to a bomb attack by Muslim militants.
2012.11.30 Pakistan Beaver Ridge Canaan 2 0 A Shia father and son are brought down by Sunni snipers.
2012.11.30 Afghanistan Qala-e-Naw 4 0 Four Afghans lose their lives to a Taliban ambush.
2012.11.30 Afghanistan Kandlan 2 0 Two agricultural workers are kidnapped and executed by Sunni fundamentalists.
2012.11.30 Nigeria Damasak 5 0 Two bakery workers and two boys are among five people machine-gunned by Boko Haram Islamists.
2012.11.29 Iraq Hilla 33 166 Two bomb blasts at a restaurant packed with Shia pilgrims, obliterating over thirty.
2012.11.29 Iraq Mosul 2 2 Mujahid car bombers send two souls to Allah.
2012.11.29 Pakistan Gunjaan Abad 1 0 Wahhabi gunmen murder a Shiite shop owner.
2012.11.29 Syria Daraa 4 0 Four people are killed when suspected Islamists bomb a house.
2012.11.29 Iraq Karbala 8 22 An Islamic Army of Iraq car bomb kills eight at the entrance of Shia Shrine.
2012.11.29 Pakistan Wana 3 7 A 13-year-old suicide bomber kills three other people at a market.
2012.11.29 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 60-year-old caretaker at a Shia mosque is picked off by Sipah-e-Sahaba gunmen.
2012.11.29 Iraq Basmaiyah 2 11 Muslim terrorists bomb a restaurant, killing two patrons.
2012.11.29 Afghanistan Dih Rawud 10 8 A woman and five children are among ten civilians torn to shreds by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2012.11.29 Pakistan Karachi 2 0 A Shia man and his wife are chased down along a city street and shot to death by Religion of Peace radicals.
2012.11.29 Iraq Fallujah 3 8 A Fedayeen suicide bomber at a bank takes out three Iraqis.
2012.11.28 Somalia Shalanbod 3 7 An al-Shabaab ambush leaves three dead.
2012.11.28 Yemen Sanaa 2 0 A Saudi diplomat is one of two people assassinated by suspected al-Qaeda gunmen.
2012.11.28 Thailand Pattani 1 0 Muslim 'separatists' shoot a Buddhist man to death.
2012.11.28 Afghanistan Maqur 3 4 Three local troops are slaughtered by Sunni fundamentalists.
2012.11.28 Afghanistan Nawzad 4 0 Four civilians are sent to Allah by Taliban bombers.
2012.11.28 Afghanistan Quro 5 0 Five civilians are kidnapped by the Taliban and executed.
2012.11.28 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 55-year-old man is gunned down at a tea shop by suspected terrorists.
2012.11.28 Iraq Tarmiyah 7 0 Four young children are among a family of seven massacred in their home by al-Qaeda.
2012.11.28 Syria Jaramana 54 120 Fifty-four people are blown to bits by two Fedayeen suicide bombers in a residential neighborhood.
2012.11.27 Iraq Kirkuk 5 58 Mujahideen car bombers murder five Iraqis.
2012.11.27 Pakistan Khairpur 1 6 Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists open fire on a Shia procession, killing one member.
2012.11.27 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 A 25-year-old Shiite is shot in the head and chest by Sunni radicals.
2012.11.27 Iraq Baghdad 7 21 Seven Shiite worshippers are taken out by an Islamic Army of Iraq car bomb outside their mosque.
2012.11.27 Iraq Kirkuk 2 7 A Sunni bomb near a Kurdish youth club leaves two dead.
2012.11.27 Iraq Baghdad 9 20 Nine Shiites are slaughtered by Sunni bombers.
2012.11.27 Iraq Ramadi 6 13 Two car bombs leave six Iraqis dead.
2012.11.27 Iraq Baghdad 6 32 Six people are killed by an al-Qaeda bomb detonated near a Shia mosque.
2012.11.27 Nigeria Rann 5 1 A Boko Haram assault on a police station leaves five officers dead.
2012.11.26 India Adoli 1 0 A man is 'honor killed' by his wife's family for marrying without their permission.
2012.11.26 Pakistan Karachi 1 4 A bomb targeting a Shia procession kills at least one passerby.
2012.11.26 Nigeria Abuja 2 0 Jama�atu Ansarul Muslimina terrorists attack a police station and kill two officers.
2012.11.26 Afghanistan Khost 2 19 Two civilians bleed to death following remote detonation of a Taliban bomb on a bicycle.
2012.11.26 Nigeria Barkinladi 10 3 Fundamentalists fire into a bar selling alcohol, killing at least ten patrons.
2012.11.26 Iran Isfahan 1 0 A 57-year-old Jewish woman is stabbed to death in her home after refusing orders to leave by Muslims interested in expanding a mosque.
2012.11.26 Israel Tel Sheva 1 0 A 15-year-old girl is stabbed to death by her brothers for dating a boy.
2012.11.26 Pakistan Gulbahar 1 0 A 30-year-old Shiite bleeds to death following a drive-by attack by Sunnis.
2012.11.25 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 6 90 Six more innocents are pulled apart when a second Shiite religious procession is hit with a Sunni bombing.
2012.11.25 Iraq Kirkuk 1 1 Mujahideen take out a 13-year-old boy with an IED.
2012.11.25 Somalia Kismayo 1 2 A woman is torn to pieces by an al-Shabaab bomb.
2012.11.25 Somalia Kismayo 4 0 An Islamist bomb at a market place leaves at least four dead.
2012.11.25 Nigeria Jaji 15 30 Two suicide bombers massacre fifteen worshippers at a Protestant church.
2012.11.25 Nigeria Gamboru Ngala 1 0 A tailor is shot to death by fundamentalists for making clothes deemed 'inappropriate for women.'
2012.11.24 Yemen Sanaa 4 10 A rocket fired at Shiites celebrating a religious holiday sends at least four straight to Allah.
2012.11.24 Afghanistan Nangarhar 1 0 A civilian loses his life to a Taliban ambush.
2012.11.24 Pakistan Dera Ismail Khan 10 22 Four children are among ten members of a Shia funeral procession disassembled by Religion of Peace rival bombers.
2012.11.24 Afghanistan Kabul 1 28 At least one student is killed in a sectarian clash between Shia and Sunni students.
2012.11.24 Somalia Bulohawo 2 10 At least two civilians are killed when al-Shabaab militia attack a small town.
2012.11.23 Iraq Mosul 1 0 Gunmen take out the head of a Sunni charity.
2012.11.23 Afghanistan Maidan Shar 3 90 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills three others, including a woman.
2012.11.23 Pakistan Bara 2 0 Two members of a peace committee are blown up by Sunni militants.
2012.11.22 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A female Buddhist school principal dies from injuries after being hit by automatic weapons fire in a target attack.
2012.11.22 Pakistan Qabar 2 0 Islamic militants attack a local police post and murder two officers after taking one hostage.
2012.11.22 Nigeria Maiduguri 18 12 Three young children are among eighteen people murdered by Boko Haram in a series of terror attacks.
2012.11.22 Pakistan Bannu 4 6 The Tehreek-e-Taliban murder four Pakistanis in two attacks.
2012.11.22 Nigeria Bichi 4 2 Angry Muslims riot, burn churches and kills four Christians over a rumor of blasphemy concerning a t-shirt.
2012.11.21 Pakistan Karachi 2 17 A suicide bombing is among two bomb blasts outside a Shiite mosque that leave two innocents dead.
2012.11.21 India Srinagar 1 2 A police officer dies following an ambush by Islamic militants.
2012.11.21 Pakistan Rawalpindi 23 62 Children are among the casualties when a Shahid suicide bomber plows into a Shiite procession and detonates, killing dozens.
2012.11.21 Afghanistan Kabul 2 3 A Shahid suicide bomber sends two Afghans to Allah.
2012.11.21 Dagestan Shamilkala 3 1 Islamic 'insurgents' plant a bomb at a bank that kills two disposal experts and a civilian.
2012.11.21 Israel Tel Aviv 0 27 Arab terrorists bomb a passenger bus.
2012.11.20 Pakistan Jamrud 1 1 A truck driver is shot in the head by Taliban militants.
2012.11.20 Israel Eshkol 2 23 Two Israelis are killed during a Hamas rocket attack.
2012.11.20 Libya Benghazi 1 0 A government official is shot in the head by suspected Islamists.
2012.11.20 Pakistan Karachi 1 0 Sipah-e-Sahaba gunmen pick off a Shia civilian.
2012.11.20 Pakistan Kulachi 1 0 A tribal elder is shot to death by Muslim extremists.
2012.11.20 Pal. Auth. Gaza City 6 0 Six torture victims are brutally murdered by a Hamas lynch mob and then dragged through the streets on motorcycles.
2012.11.20 Iraq Baghdad 3 26 Sectarian attacks leave three dead and two dozen injured.
2012.11.19 Pakistan Charmang 1 2 Rockets fired by Islamic militants crush a 6-year-old girl.
2012.11.19 Syria Barad 20 0 al-Nusrah claims a suicide bombing that leaves twenty dead.

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